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Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if you have to deal with packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking your belongings. That’s why many people choose to hire professional movers to help them with their relocation. However, not all movers are the same. Some movers offer more than just the basic moving services, and can provide you with some unexpected benefits that can make your move easier, faster, and safer. Here are five unexpected services that you can get from Houston’s local movers, such as we the 911 Houston Movers:

1. Storage Services

Sometimes, you may need to store some of your items temporarily, either before, during, or after your move. For example, you may have to vacate your old place before your new place is ready, or you may have to downsize your belongings to fit your new space. In such cases, you can take advantage of the storage services offered by some movers, who can provide you with secure, climate-controlled, and affordable storage units for your items. You can also enjoy the convenience of having your items picked up and delivered by the same movers, saving you time and hassle.

2. Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing and unpacking are probably the most tedious and time-consuming parts of moving. You have to sort, organize, label, and wrap your items, and then reverse the process at your new place. If you want to avoid this hassle, you can opt for the packing and unpacking services offered by some movers, who can provide you with the materials, equipment, and labor to pack and unpack your items. You can also choose the level of service that suits your needs and budget, whether it’s full-service, partial-service, or custom-service.

3. Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Services

Furniture is one of the most challenging items to move, as it is often bulky, heavy, and fragile. Sometimes, you may have to disassemble your furniture to make it easier to transport, or to fit it through narrow doors or stairs. However, disassembling and reassembling furniture can be tricky and risky, as you may damage your furniture or injure yourself. That’s why you can rely on the furniture assembly and disassembly services offered by some movers, who can safely and efficiently handle your furniture, using the right tools and techniques.

4. Cleaning Services

Moving can leave behind a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, both at your old place and your new place. You may have to clean your old place to get your security deposit back, or to prepare it for the next occupant. You may also have to clean your new place to make it more comfortable and sanitary for you and your family. However, cleaning can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially after a long and tiring move. That’s why you can benefit from the cleaning services offered by some movers, who can provide you with a thorough and professional cleaning of your old and new places, using the appropriate cleaning products and equipment.

5. Junk Removal Services

Moving can be a great opportunity to declutter your belongings and get rid of the items that you no longer need or want. However, disposing of your unwanted items can be a hassle, as you may have to sort, donate, recycle, or trash them. You may also have to deal with the regulations and fees of your local waste management authorities. That’s why you can use the junk removal services offered by some movers, who can help you with the disposal of your unwanted items, whether they are furniture, appliances, electronics, or other household items. You can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your items will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

These are some of the unexpected services that you can get from Houston’s local movers. By choosing a mover that offers these services, you can make your move easier, faster, and safer. You can also save money, time, and energy, and focus on the more important aspects of your move.

How We Can Help with Your Next Local Move

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